Hello friend! My name is Crabby, owner of the Cabana Club, located on the southern coast of Moonshell Island. Folks around here don’t see many newcomers on the island, so when I found you along the shore with a bad case of amnesia, well… let’s just say only the most daring of islanders is courageous enough to help you out in such a pinch… but it’ll cost ya! Let me explain what you’re in for…

In your quest to recover your memories and pay off your debt, you will discover the delightful and challenging features of the game, such as the following!


  • Take control of Crabby and unlock special abilities with the Magic Mug of Candor
  • Make friends and help them fulfill their dreams as you build a community
  • Distract yourself with fun sidequests and minigames
  • Explore the diverse landscapes of Moonshell Island and uncover the origin of its name
  • Fight off nomsters and use the loot in delicious recipes

Now, don’t go thinking I can’t spell! Vegetables, fruit, and even baked goods across the island have sprung to life to cause all kinds of trouble for the islanders. We call these creatures “nomsters”, and you’ll have to defeat them so they go back to their edible form. We don’t want the good people of Moonshell Island to go hungry! But what caused this, I wonder… guess you better look into that for me. What do humans use as weapons, anyway? The good strong whisk in the kitchen will have to do for now! Don’t worry, you got this!