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Cheekynauts was unofficially founded in 2019 by Crabby Sam - a pixel artist from Canada - and Schotti - a programmer from Germany - to signify collaboration on their respective projects, Moonshell Island and Santria.

In September 2020, Cheekynauts was incorporated and named Cheekynauts Entertainment Ltd by studio founder Crabby Sam.

By November 2020, prototype demos of both Moonshell Island and Santria were released to Patreon subscribers supporting the studio.

In 2021, Cheekynauts started a newsletter named In a Nutshell with Cheekynauts to share regular progress reports with subscribers. Later that year, Crabby Sam and Schotti each began working on their respective projects with minimal assistance from the other as needed.

In early 2022, Schotti stepped away from Cheekynauts to develop Santria independently. Crabby Sam continues to develop the studio and Moonshell Island in her role as Director.





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