Annual Summary of Progress

Moonshell Island Retrospect 2021

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Annual Summary of Progress

Santria Retrospect 2021

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Cheekynauts in a Nutshell


Cute and appealing character designs and lovingly crafted worlds are our passion, spiced up with witty humor and subtle mystery.


We put a high emphasis on social interactions between quirky and diverse characters and like to explore layered, heartfelt stories.


Easy to learn, hard to master is our motto. We enjoy fun and simple gameplay with an additional layer of complexity.

This team is a stickler for lovely details


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Our Games


Santria Title Screen

Moonshell Island

A Very Cheekynauts Valentine

A Very Cheekynauts Valentine
Meet the Cheekynauts


Special Operations Squirrel

Rummaging through hills of canned cherry coke you might find this especially cheeky squirrel, grinding through pages of code. Schotti is a self-taught game developer with a soft spot for quirky and humorous settings with a touch of mystery.

Besides coding, he enjoys to pretend being an architect and interior designer while working on his tilesets. When he is not messing with his sleep schedule, he enjoys reading about retro games, keeping Link’s Awakening and Pokemon Silver high on his top list.

Invited to one of his movie nights? Tortilla chips with salsa are drool-worthy treats for this squirrel!

Schotti on Twitter @schottidev


Central Intelligence Bun

Sam grew up on a small island in British Columbia, where gorgeous beaches have inspired her work and led to the creation of Crabby the hermit crab and his quirky adventures.

This pixel-pushing bun is breathing life into the Cheekynauts games with her unique and charming art style. Her favorite games to bring to a desert island are Wind Waker and Secret of Mana. You can catch her listening to some 80s music like Rick Astley while working, so better never let her down!

Warning: don’t ever feed this snarky bun with gluten in the hours after midnight (actually, in the other hours either), but blueberries are fine.

Crabby Sam on Twitter @goawayimcrabby