Hello friends!

We have some very exciting news to share!

As you may know from our recent podcast, a number of very skilled composers have expressed interest in working on Moonshell Island, and some have even sent in some excellent demo tracks to show what they have to offer. Although we absolutely loved what they came up with, we were holding out for a specific sound to fit the vision we have for Moonshell Island, while still hoping to find it in time for the public release of the Moonshell Island demo, coming late 2020/early 2021.

Well, the search is over, and we couldn’t be more delighted with who we found! Please celebrate with us as we welcome Anna (aka @queergermangirl) to team Moonshell Island! 

Many of you already know Anna for being an incredibly supportiveand kind human being and a good friend in our community. She is also an amazingly skilled composer and has captured everything we were looking for with a series of musical sketches that have helped convince us that she is the perfect fit for the job. Take a listen to one of our favourites with the video above!

We are so excited and looking forward to working with Anna to make Moonshell Island the best it can be.

As for the patron-exclusive teaser demo, we are making great progress! We expect to have it ready for patron access this fall, so if you want to be among the first to play it, you can do so by signing up to support us on Patreon! You’ll also be able to play the current Santria Teaser Demo!

Your friends,
Sam & Schotti