Cheekynauts Entertainment is a Canadian studio on a mission to create games that immerse players in engaging worlds of inclusion and environmental stewardship.

We strive to build our games on accommodating, eco-friendly practices and reduce carbon in the atmosphere with this green website and regular contributions to environmental impact initiatives like Ecologi.


Meet Sam

CRABBY SAM | @goawayimcrabby

Project Lead/Artist for Moonshell Island, Portrait Artist for Santria

Founder Crabby Sam is a pixel artist based in coastal British Columbia.

Though Sam currently oversees most areas of Moonshell Island’s development, she looks forward to devoting more time to doing what she does best as the lead artist for the project. In 2020, Sam’s Moonshell Island submission was awarded the Massive Sacks of Cash grant ($500/month for that year) by Massive Corporation Game Studios. In 2022, Sam was accepted into the Baby Ghosts concept grant and peer accelerator program by Weird Ghosts and Gamma Space.

ANNA E. | @QueerGermanGirl

Composer for Moonshell Island and Elephant Music

Anna is an LA-based composer and music producer. Born in the southern German town Bamberg, she became interested in music production and songwriting at a young age. She landed her first video game composing gig in 2011. Since then, her music has been featured in numerous short films, commercials, documentaries, TV shows, high profile trailer campaigns and, of course, video games. In 2019 she won the 4th Sample Hero Scoring Competition. In 2021 she was awarded Composer of The Year by Protege.

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