Rodents are quirky and cheeky animals, born naturally curious about the wonders of the world. Rodents also enjoy the company of like-minded critters and this leads sometimes to rare couples like the one of a curtain bun and squirrel this story is about. This unusual pair is ambitious enough to go one step further and explore the the infinite unknown possibilities of space, eager to share it with their friends. Attention please, the hand-crafted acornship is ready to launch!

Cheekynauts is a Canada-based video game development and art team founded in 2019 by Sam and Schotti. We like to experiment with quirky and cute designs and share heart-warming stories. Feel welcome to join our community!


Schotti is the Germany-based squirrel fanatic behind the game Santria and the lead programmer for Moonshell Island.

Twitter: @schottidev

Crabby Sam

Crabby Sam

Crabby Sam is the artistic Canadian hermit behind Moonshell Island and auxiliary artist for Santria.

Twitter: @goawayimcrabby