Release Date: TBD 20XX
Platforms: Windows
Teaser Demo available now to our patrons!

Achieve dreams, build a community & save Moonshell Island from Nomsters in this magical action RPG featuring a unique combination of Zelda-like gameplay and story-driven simulation.

When mysterious creatures begin to threaten the peace, you must journey to find the source of the trouble and recruit the islanders to a safe haven, Crabby’s Cabana Club. As the club population grows, more services become available to aid you on your quest to uncover not only the secrets of the island, but also of yourself.


This quirky adventure will reward your curiosity with delightful features such as the following:

  • Switch between the protagonist and your new friend Crabby and unlock special abilities with the Magic Mug of Candor
  • Make friends and help them fulfill their dreams as you build a community
  • Distract yourself with fun puzzles, sidequests and minigames
  • Explore the diverse landscapes of Moonshell Island
  • Fight off ‘nomsters’ and use the loot in delicious recipes

Welcome to Moonshell Island. Please mind the sea urchins!


We are very excited to reveal that Anna Eichenauer (aka @queergermangirl) will be joining team Moonshell Island as our composer!


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