Release Date: TBD 20XX
Platforms: Windows

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Teaser Demo available to our Patreon supporters!

Achieve dreams, build a community and save Moonshell Island from Nomsters in this magical action-RPG combining Zelda-like gameplay and story-driven simulation elements.

When mysterious creatures begin to threaten the peace, you must journey to find the source of the trouble and recruit the islanders to a safe haven, Crabby’s Cabana Club. As the club population grows, more services become available to aid you on your quest to uncover the secrets of Moonshell Island.


  • Make friends and help them fulfill their dreams
  • Distract yourself with fun puzzles, sidequests and minigames
  • Explore the diverse landscapes of Moonshell Island
  • Fight off ‘nomsters’ and use the loot in delicious recipes
  • Build upgrades for Crabby’s Cabana Club using island resources

Welcome to Moonshell Island. Please mind the sea urchins!


We are very excited to reveal that Anna Eichenauer (aka @queergermangirl) will be joining team Moonshell Island as our composer!