Target Release: Q3 2025
Target Platforms: PC & Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action RPG
Players: Single Player

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Build a community of dreamers and save ’em from big mean veggie mutants in this upbeat action RPG with quest-driven sim elements.

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Moonshell Island is a story-driven action adventure where laid-back island living meets heroic ambition as you journey to bring together a community of dreamers and get to the root of a produce mutation that threatens their way of life.


You wake up on Moonshell Island and are taken in by club founder Crabby, but your arrival coincides with the beginning of a dangerous mutation turning produce across the island into ‘Nomsters’.

As the new ambassador for Crabby’s Cabana Club, your responsibilities will include:

  • Bring together the community of Moonshell Island and expand Crabby’s Cabana Club
  • Restore produce and safe passage between regions by defeating Nomsters
  • Community service in each region to recruit new club members, resources and features
  • Power up the Dream Flute with fulfilled ambitions and find a way back home
  • Solve the Nomster problem at its source


  • Tool-based action/combat and inventory systems
  • Tracked progression with main story and NPC questlines
  • Economy system for buying/selling items and services
  • Enemy AI based on mutated produce
  • Branching dialogue system with expressive character portraits
  • Collect and cook recipes
  • Celebrate milestones with club events and activities
  • Mini-games and puzzles
  • Find and pet all the dogs


Sam is a neurodiverse young protagonist with a strong connection to nature and animals. Having moved far away from the small island community she grew up in, Sam longs for the home she once knew when all her dreams seemed so possible.

Though Sam never gave up hope of returning to island life, waking up on an undiscovered island populated by talking animals and giant killer produce… well she didn’t see that coming!

Crabby is a candid hermit crab with big dreams for Crabby’s Cabana Club. But even with his enchanted mug shell, Crabby is going to need Sam’s help to establish a thriving community hub celebrating all that Moonshell Island has to offer.


Moonshell Island Map
Map of Moonshell Island (8 regions)

Legend has it there is an island you can visit only in your dreams. You can search the world over and never find it, but the same place has been described by dreamers throughout history.


Anna Eichenauer (aka @queergermangirl) will be composing the Moonshell Island soundtrack.


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