Release Date: TBD 20XX
Platforms: Windows
Teaser Demo available now to our patrons!

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SANTRIA! is a light-hearted, modern-setting RPG with a strong emphasis on exploration and character interactions, featuring a tactical battle system.

Pine Falls is a small town in the Western States with numerous quirky characters you can socialize and romance with. The beloved Santria Co. is a local soft drink manufacturer whose newest product, Pine Tonic, is highly popular with children. Below the company’s surface, a dark secret awaits to be unearthed, including ancient alien technologies and cosmic horror. Incidentally, you discover the conspiracy during your everyday school life, resulting in the awakening of your psychic abilities. The plot is filled with pop culture references and spiced up with small pieces of mystery.


  • Coming-of-age story with focus on relationships
  • Grid-based tactical battle system with quirky skills
  • An interactive and hand-crafted world with diverse landscapes
  • Tons of sidequests and minigames