Do you enjoy listening to some light-hearted small talk whilst working on your projects? We may have something for you!

Grab a cup of tea and join the Cheekynauts for the Pinch & Tail podcast! If you like to get insights into the our game design process, this will be your jam! We also like to talk about indie games in general and discuss news from the indiedev scene.

We would love to answer your questions in a future episode! Feel free to send your questions and any suggestions for topics you’d like discussed to sam@cheekynauts.com or schotti@cheekynauts.com.

Join us LIVE on Twitch

We’re moving our podcast to Twitch! Come join us for the next episode and bring your questions for the Q&A session at twitch.tv/cheekynauts!

Music by Mario Dederichs // Blake Inc. at blakeinc.de