Moonshell Island

Moonshell Island Retrospect 2020

Moonshell Island Retrospect 2020

Hello friends, and welcome to the annual retrospective summary of progress for Moonshell Island in 2020! As I write, I am recovering from a quadruple wisdom tooth extraction I decided to have right before Christmas, which is a fitting way to end a year full of challenges, but I’ll try not to leave out any important details. Here goes nothing! Happy New Year? Boy, and I thought 2019 was eventful! 2020 started off optimistic for me when I shared a…

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Moonshell Island Receives Massive Sacks of Cash grant from Massive Corporation Game Studios!

Massive News!

Hello friends! I hope the new decade is off to a good start for you all! It certainly has had its ups and downs for many so far – Schotti and myself included. But this first month was quite eventful and not without its share of incredibly cool surprises! In case you didn’t know, I am based in the Canadian city of Regina, Saskatchewan. Being the hermit that I am, it took me until the beginning of this year to…

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Moonshell Island Retrospect 2019

Hello friends, and welcome to the first annual retrospective summary of progress for Moonshell Island! 2019 was an eventful year, so let’s see how we did, shall we? The Mockup It all started with a mock-up I created in mid 2018 for Squared Up! A Pixel Art Zine, and having worked together on Santria in this time, Schotti and I decided to team up to make this game a reality. He would recycle what programming he could from either project…

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Making of: AcornEdit

Hallo friends, Schotti’s here! In the second episode of the making of-series I will explain the creation process and features of AcornEdit, a sweet content editor designed for the Cheekynauts games. Developing an RPG with all the necessary features and frameworks is already challenging but the the real hard work starts after that: creating plenty of content. Text strings for dialogues, items, quests and so on want to be written and managed nicely. I started to organize this kind of…

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