Hey friends! Sam here, and I have a surprise for you!  

Flowers from “The Mysterious Squirrel”

This past week, I received some lovely flowers from a certain Mysterious Squirrel, which inspired me to do something fun for Valentine’s Day and make a tiny point-and-click Cheekynauts game!

It took me 4 days to build, and unfortunately I didn’t quite finish it in time for Valentine’s Day, but Schotti and I are quite happy with how it turned out!

This is much thanks to the awesome music and sound effects by our friends at Megahammer Studios, who I definitely recommend if you’re looking for game audio!


Right-click to download & extract this ZIP file and follow README.txt


Play directly from our website*

I recommend playing full-screen on an updated desktop browser (Chrome works well) for the best experience, but you can play on mobile as well!

*Please forgive the load times, as this was built fast but not efficiently. ^^;

We hope you enjoy it, and wish you a happy belated Valentine’s Day! <3